A Poem for our Planet by Nancy Kovacic

Betty Kovacic Art

7 August at 00:34 · 

Our Muse has been The Earth

Lady Earth
Her sisters Air and Water 
Grant Life.
Threatened by an invasive species
Believe it in their divine right
to take and take
Believe in infinite abundance
found in Earth and her Sisters
Growing global populations
Rampant mindless consumerism
Corporate greed 
must keep the shareholders happy
While Earth grieves.
Her children are dying

Forests the wilderness annihilated
Creatures displaced
starving vanishing
One hundred and fifty thousand orangutans have disappeared since 1990
Earth’s being contaminated by landfills
Cancerous growths
Fifty-six billion K cups
Sixty million plastic bottles
wait hundreds of years to break down into other poisons

Water weeps 
aching from human venom

Her children are dying
one million sea birds
one Hundred Thousand sea animals
each year
Increasing warmth
melts her ice 
so essential for many
heats her oceans
Each square mile filled with thousands of plastic pieces
two thirds of her fish contaminated
Islands of plastic 
Expanses of former abundance
devoid of all life and
Yet Water continues to be defiled daily by
5.5 million pieces of rubbish
Disgorged by ships
millions of tons worldwide
Air witnesses all
Her once pure body weakened by chemicals 
Diminishing forests
struggle to cleanse

She mourns 
Her children are dying
Creatures of the sky 
Two hundred and eighteen birds
fifty -one butterflies 
countless others
critically endangered
Too many lost forever.

Ladies Earth Air and Water
Desperate to survive
The intensity of their actions
Landslides floods hurricanes
Earthquakes tsunamis tornadoes 
Cries for help
To reverse that which has been started.

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