BBC Gardeners Question Time

A little over two  years ago BBC Gardeners Question Time came to Forde Abbey  ,County of Dorset UK

I was fortunate enough to be picked to put forward a question to the Panel on behalf of Tatworth and District Horticultural Society.   The Panel comprised Anne Swithinbank, Bob Flowerdew and Christine Walkden under the Chairmanship of Peter Gibbs.

My question was:  “The nearby village of Tatworth of the County ,South Somerset has many streams and was once known as Seven Streams.  What colourful plants would the panel recommend planting in addition to, say, Astilbe and Marsh Marigold, in this very wet, fast running environment?”

Anne Swithinbank suggested initially Primula japonica (Candelabra) a large 12” bog plant and went on to recommend Butomus umbellatus a 4ft umbel shaped, aquatic AGM plant and also Darmera Peltata, again a large 6ft tall stemmed umbel shaped shaped flower on a tall stem.

Christine Walkden suggested Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigold) a smaller 10” genus amongst others.  She also suggested Trollius chinensis Imperial orange 36” bogplant and Primula denticulatea 18”.

Bob Flowerdew suggested a plant often regarded as a weed but very attractive, gold coloured (Golden Dock) Rumex maritimus.

Tatworth gardeners have now been placed firmly on the map with the 3 million listeners the programme attracts and I hope the answers are of use to those who garden with these rather wet conditions.

BBC web site Radio 4 Gardeners Question Time has past recordings easily accessible.