Gardeners World Wide Happy New Year for 2020 and the new decade to all gardeners world wide. Lets do our bit to try and assist climate change in whatever way we can .

Lets all contribute to greener organic growing ,more tree shrub planting more composting and mulching with less chemicals less digging. Assist our wildlife to thrive .Our best wishes to Australia too at this very tough time in a severe drought with temperatures in 50 deg and little sign of rain until Autumn -Winter season !

Tough times for Aussie picture in better times February taken by Editor
Animals are suffering as well in Australia !Editor pic
Australian treasure the beloved Koala eyeing up Eucalyptus leaves under threat from wild fires .

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Marine animals sense climate change( N Zealand native Dolphin Maui -9 different species
Pic taken by Editor in Rotarua N Island NZ