Young Horticulturist

Raoul Curtis-Machin is the current Chair of Grow Careers at the Chartered Institute of Horticulture.

He is keen to encourage youngsters to take steps to begin what could well become a very rewarding career in horticulture and writes that seeing science in action is one way of capturing their interest.

“Gardening offers an easy and fascinating way to see science in action, and you can learn a lot by doing some of the simplest garden tasks. Watching the changing colours of autumn leaves (before clearing them up of course) shows you what happens when the tree stops circulating chlorophyll through its vessels and the normally green leaves turn all sorts of wonderful warm and fiery shades. It’s the chlorophyll which enables photosynthesis which ultimately feeds the plant and the food chain. Gardening fuses science and art: the beauty, colour and recreation we get from our gardens are all underpinned by understanding and skilfully manipulating scientific processes.”

As the current Chair of GrowCareers I should like to offer our support for your website and wish you luck with its establishment.