BEST WISHES for 2020  and lets hope the year  will bring the positive advances to our precious planet earth with more sustainable growing Plastic pollution needs to be  drastically reduced and most important cleared up into useful reusable products .Lets at least start to clear up our marine coasts and rivers,lakes ,streams  and seas of plastic pollution and  particularly small and tiny plastic particles and fibres that can both it appears migrate into the human and animal digestive system .Intelligent scientific and technology research into improving the environment is required for the long term. United Nations is on to the case of marine pollution so lets all do our bit as best we can following results of this on going research into genuine United Nation approved recyclable properties of man made materials .There’s lots of studies to be looked at to gain control of carbon emissions in parts per million reduction stats so lets wish and hope the United Nations International Climate change conference in Poland -Katovice  , can translate into acceptance and action by all the main responsible countries and especially the world leaders in science ,technology ,engineering and horticulture.The new younger generations of trained scientists and professionals need to pick up this planet ball and run with it urgently .

Best wishes to you all and to our Planet for 202O

Tony Arnold MCIHort


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