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Soil testing using a meter for pH, moisture, nutrients.  Hand testing clay/sand content

A very warm welcome to teachers and students who have followed the link from the RHS Schools Gardening and Rocket Science Campaign.  A campaign I wholeheartedly endorse as a recent science teacher and have supported since lift off. There is a video of Tim Peakes blast off on  the Schools and Colleges page which I love watching.

Enjoy the FREE 19 Powerpoint slides and notes on the RHS Schools Secondary Science Resources NEWS page. Lighthearted but educational, designed to be easily understood by students, and motivating them to learn more.  As A TEACHER or GARDENING OR HORTICULTURE STUDENT you may  find it an enjoyable resource to use!  When I was teaching across the board science at secondary school and also as an advanced Horticultural student I would have found this powerpoint invaluable as a vital help certainly for school gardening and also adding to  biology specs.

If you feel you would like this full Science Resource you will find details of the  55 slide and detailed teachers notes presentation  on the DISCOVER MORE page.  To obtain an instant download link  enter your teachers code DISC 5 to  reduce the full presentation resource outlay  to just £9.99.  I would welcome any e mail contact address from your educational base which will remain confidential and NOT passed on to any parties and used to keep you updated on the download.

                                  Enjoy the presentation.logo for rhs school campaign

                                                                      Best regards            Tony 


Well after 12 months the  web site is moving onwards and upwards with a steadily increasing number of viewers and especially pages viewed.  Viewers not just from the UK, but from all over the world, from the USA, Canada, Russia, Europe and many countries moving towards Asia and Oceania.

A special Welcome to you all especially the RHS SCHOOL GARDENING and  Rocket Science CAMPAIGN participants reaching 30,000 and all the schools and we look forward to the RHS exciting progress on the Rocket Science Campaign results.  The RHS is working also with SAPS  (Science and Plants for Schools ) and STEM who help the RHS with the Rocket Science Resources. Will update in our News section.

Garden health is now featured on the Home page and will be a regular item as it is such an important modern day  feature dealing with a more stressful lifestyle and world.

Science for the Gardener – Prehistoric basic history of plants is also   featured in the News section and now you can read  the first two excerpts from the Book Science for the Gardener by the Editor due to be published 2017  with many on-going science based tips and techniques for all those gardeners who want to get the best out of their gardens, I hope you will begin to share my sincere belief that a little science knowledge can only lead to a greener and more successful garden and more contented gardeners.

In the UK Garden clubs and Societies are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of the Power Point slide downloads with the RHS now utilising a  potted  19 slide download  version for the RHS Schools Campaign web site which is free for teachers.

Approximately half of our growing visitors  every month are new views.  Thank you for  your continued and growing  interest.  I have plans to add science spots for gardeners to chew over from Prehistoric ‘Living’ fossils started this month, Types of Garden Plants, Plant Products (Edibles, Industrial and Medicines) a huge range, Naming and FamiliesReproduction which really is fascinating if kept simple, Plant Growth, Gardening and Soils and Nutrients.

science for the gardener

As a graduate of  polymer science  I find the subject of plant products fascinating  based on natural cell  building blocks of the polymer cellulose, and for the natural rubber plant  the poly isoprene polymer.  Look out for them coming up on the website in understandable format.

I will devote some time also to planting position science and suitable plant choices and most important the science  of Climate Change which is affecting us all over the world.  Plant genetics will be mentioned  but with  the most easy to understand information that will be just some basics for those interested   gardeners to start with.  I have taught elementary genetics at senior school and found students fascinated at how simply the subject can be introduced to make it interesting from the start.  Dolly the sheep was of particular interest!

With this in mind I’m hoping to start a new Science page soon with some more useful easy to understand information for gardeners.  There will be some contributors from the horticultural science world and related subjects to bring the wider benefits of growing of plants a bit more into focus.  Gardening for human health is becoming a very important therapeutic green medicine for us all to keep relaxed and happy.

Viewers are finding the Monthly Gardener popular for gardening updates and we have a new Garden Items for slightly more different news items that I will be adding every month.  The newest, Garden Visits is a special visit to the Burrow Farm UK Garden in Somerset, England which viewers from all over the world come to see.  It is situated in the Axe Valley in East Devon,UK  a lovely location and I’ve taken pics this Summer and compared them with pics taken over 40 years ago when the garden was just a great idea in the proprietors thoughts.  I will be constantly updating news on the Burrow Farm Garden as well as adding items on other great gardens in the magnificent South West Area of the UK.

DSCF1667We will of course cover other  worldwide special gardens when we can and I will be starting off with the Gardens in Singapore (Singapore Botanical gardens) then  New Zealand before moving on to Australia from a recent 2 month tour I made with my wife.  Have I got some interesting stuff to write on such as the New Zealand Christmas tree! and the Tropical Rainforest in Darwin in Northern Australia and being chased down a path by a crocodile!  Look out for some good photos and videos especially from New Zealand.

Ok enough for the moment, I’m in the process of writing a book to accompany the website so its all go and very exciting.  Do use the contact page if you have any ideas to pass on. 

Happy Gardening

Tony Arnold ACIHort.  Editor

Best Garden Advice Science Book (UK) Science For The Gardener

HOME AND GARDEN AWARDS 2021 HOSTED BY BUILD  MAGAZINE has nominated Science For The Gardener for   ” Best Garden Science Advice Book” (UK) 

The Award “demonstrates expertise within a given field and dedication to client service and satisfaction and on going commitment to excellence and innovation “



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