science for the gardenerDo you want a Greener, More Successful Garden?

A little science knowledge can be very beneficial in understanding what is happening in our gardens

and in helping us to get the best out of our plants and soil.

Discover more with  Science for the Gardener

Designed for the layman gardener, gardening club member, allotment holder, school class, a student in horticultural training or simply anyone with an interest in how to get the best out of their garden.

My Power Point Presentation and accompanying guide will advise you how to test to get the best from your soil, explain the many and varied ways of plant reproduction and growth and set you thinking about pests and diseases and the effects of weather and climate change. Written by an expert in his field Tony Arnold ACIHort mixes science and gardening in a light hearted, easy to understand manner that everyone will enjoy. Below is a sample from the presentation.

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Discover how science can help you make a greener more successful garden

Topics covered:

Plant Evolution, Plant Groups, Plant Naming and Families,  Reproduction and Propagation, Growth and Hormones, Soil, Nutrients and Testing for pH, Aqua or Hydroponics, Pests and Diseases, Adaptation to Weather and Climate Change

ppt talk slides

This Presentation includes detailed explanatory notes on each slide contained in this additional easy to read downloadscience for the gardener

science for the gardener

notes page


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Like most people my age my interests never really involved horticulture. I was more interested in going out with my friends, getting drunk or playing games. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I sat through a presentation on horticultural science. It started off as helping out a friend who I met as a client through work. At first I did not think I would enjoy myself at all, however to my surprise I enjoyed every moment of it. Tony kept me, as he did the whole audience, engaged through the whole talk that went on for around 90 minutes! What I found most interesting I think was the modern day plants from prehistoric origins; it was like seeing a living fossil alive today! I also enjoyed the cartoons, they brought a light hearted feel to a serious topic and brought some laughs as well, especially when Tony started the short play about plant and Latin names. I have always appreciated nature and the outdoors, how beautiful it can be, but I can now say that I’ve learnt something about it too! Will age 20 Editors note Glad you stayed awake Will and I love your dog, he’s to die for.

“A presentation suited to the layman gardener, I found it clear and understandable” Ken J

A meaty presentation, covered visually just what I needed for my gardening” Nick B