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Welcome to Science for the Gardener to all those following the link from the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website.

Have you taken up the FREE offer of the teacher’s 24 PowerPoint Download on the RHS Secondary Science Resources News page?   A valuable easy teaching tool with accompanying detailed notes, developed especially for students of any age interested in studying the science behind gardening and horticulture.

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There are  more Science topics to look at on Science for the Gardener especially the Garden Science page keep scrolling – down with illustrated excerpts from Chapter 1 Plant Evolution Algae to Angiosperms from the  Book – Science for the Gardener internationally available on the Home page direct link to Amazon .


News has various thoughtful editorials on Happy and Healthy Gardening , Young Horticulturist, Community Gardening and Gardening for the Blind etc ,just have an explore . 

Garden Science page has  a very special message from a leader figure in the horticultural world.Prof Owen Doyle

Follow Tim Peake’s experiments in space with RHS seeds experiment , what effect did zero gravity have on those seeds?

Regular updates will aim to provide interesting aspects in the advancement of basic gardening science for students keen to know how the world benefits from the growing of plants.